Online Programme

2020 - 2021

Our Online Programme consists of challenges, workshops and talks hosted  using Zoom, the video conferencing platform which is easy to use and you download Zoom here.    Zoom details will be sent to you prior to the session being held along with any other resources required.  Sessions start at 10.30am.


If you wish to participate in any of the online content please contact:

Sarah Bond  e-mail:





















July 2020 Colour Challenge by Kathy Davies.  Click here.


August 2020 - Texture Challenge - Helen Hanson.  Click here.

September 2020   Petrol Pump Challenge.  Click here.


17th October  2020  Braiding with Helen Haysom.


21st November 2020 AGM.  


12th December 2020. 'Seasonal Fun' Make a Decoration Together and Guild Quiz.  (Template to be e-mailed out to participants prior to session).

16th January 2021 David Birks '1000 Years of Warp and Weft.' (Including Special Video Access to newly renovated Museum).

20th February 2021 Dorset Button Talk by Jen from Beaker Buttons including opportunity to buy a kit and Question and Answer Session about Jen's new book 'Dorset Button Inspirations.'


20th March 2021 Alpaca Talk by Manda Rawlings including Question and Answer session.


17th April 2021 Felted Flowers - from the guild Felters Group.


22nd May 2021 Eco-Dyeing with Kathy Davis - Kit offer to try at home.


19th June 2021 Fleece Sale - with talks on different fleeces and their uses.


17th July 2021Indigo Vat Demonstration - Liz McCarron Heal. Q&As included and kit offer to try yourself.


21st August 2021'Inspiration Pack' with accompanying challenge.


18th September 2021'In the Dye Garden' with Kath Steggall.


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