Eco-Print Online Guild Zoom session - 22nd May 10.30am. 


I have taken the opportunity to use time off work during the pandemic to learn about the fascinating craft of eco-printing. Whilst I still consider myself early on in learning the skill, I'd love to share how to get started with this brilliant and fun activity. I've explored some of the more challenging aspects of the beginner stages and hope to share insights, which will get you up and running with printing as soon as you've organised your equipment.


What is it? 


Eco print is a print method using plant material, and chemical reactions on fabric involving close contact and heat. This session will show you how to make simple 'beginner' prints using eco-print techniques. It'll be in presentation form, followed by a 'how to' video, with discussion afterwards. It is NOT a live workshop but you will learn the skills and have the opportunity to buy materials before or after, so that you can have a go yourselves.


Do I need to be able to dye?


No previous experience or skills are required. All steps for producing a basic eco-print will be explored and shown in the session with additional notes and resources available to support you on the guild website (on 22nd May). The prints can be used in many ways using the myriad skills, talents & creativity of guild members, so come along and find out more!


Where can I get materials to eco-print with?


There is an equipment list below and I have put together a few different kit options to purchase, as you may find you only need certain items from the list. The kit includes any chemicals you need. You do not need to make any of the chemical solutions (on the equipment list) before the session - they are for reference later. A list of kit options is also found below.


Please contact me for more details or to order your kit at