Guild  Day and Inspiration Pack Online


The theme of our next online session to be held on Saturday 21st August at 10.30am will be "Inspiration"  To coincide with the rose planting in the afternoon there will be a verbal tribute to Auli from members who know her.


This will be followed by a virtual show and tell.  For this to work we would like members to send in a picture of a piece of work they have completed during lockdown with a few sentences of explanation.  


Please send your images to Susie at by the 19th August at the latest so there is time to compile a powerpoint.

There will be inspiration packs available to purchase for guild funds.

Inspiration comes when you are open to new possibilities outside your comfort zone “ 

In this new challenge you are asked to use the contents of a pack to produce a piece of work to be displayed at the AGM on 20th November at 11am. You can use any or all of the items within the pack and you might be inspired by the pattern, colour, texture or shapes- even a combination of these. Hopefully everyone will focus on something different and interpret their ideas using a variety of skills and media. 

The packs are now available in the studios and a small donation for costs and the guild would be appreciated. 

Please sign the sheet in the box or bag so that we know who is taking part and most importantly have fun with the challenge! I look forward to seeing your work in November!