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Natural Dyeing -  October 2023 to October 2024


The four Textile Studios at Steeple Ashton are set within a garden containing many different dye plants which members can use for producing natural dyes. All dyers are encouraged to help with the upkeep of the dye garden and we will often spend time gardening together as well as dyeing.


This year we have four Wiltshire members working towards the AGWSD’s Certificate of Achievement in Natural Dyeing.  Our planned programme for this year is to focus on one dye material each month and explore its effect on a range of fibres. We will develop our expertise with different mordants and modifiers. The group will be learning to record the dyeing process more precisely both in order to recreate colours for their own projects and as part of their portfolios for future assessment. 


Two additional members are welcome to come and participate in these focused sessions, led by one of the four members working towards the AGWSD. You will need to book. Please contact Kath if you would like a space. 


Grown Your Own Project and Exhibition

Any member who would like some support in dyeing local fibres with local dyestuff for their project is welcome to get in touch with Kath, who will help guide you. 


Synthetic Dyes

There is also a small range of synthetic dyes and an old microwave available for members to use in Studio 4. 

If you are interested in finding our more or visiting the workshops please contact:

Kath Steggall by e-mail:  


Dyeing Programme 2024

January 13th - Bark



February 10th - Dried Coreopsis



March 9th - Onion skins



April 13th - Shibori Dyeing 



May 11th - Nettles



June 8th - Weld


July  13th - Dyer's Greenweed 



August 10th - No session planned


September  14th - Japanese Indigo 


Dyeing Programme 2022
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