The Guild workshops are set amid a garden containing a variety of dye plants which are used by members wishing to experience the process of natural dyeing.  Many colours can be obtained from the plants and our experienced dyers are willing to advise on this process. 

There is an array of synthetic dyes also used to dye animal and plant fibres carried out by our dyers which offer the dyer a very large range of colours and effects ready for their spinning or felting projects.  The programme for the dye garden can be found below.

If you are interested in finding our more or visiting the workshops please contact:

Kath Steggall by e-mail: dyerswiltsguild@gmail.com  

Dye garden programme 2021/2022


October : Guild day demo- a Japanese indigo vat  - no booking for this day

November 13th 2021 - Impatiens tinctoria  tuber + 1

December 11th 2021 -  Ivy leaves and berries/   Rhubarb root

January 8th 2022 -   Walnut heart wood,   Walnut husks or acorns     +1

February 11th 2022-  Logwood (copper pipe mordant)   Dried coreopsis    +1

March 12th 2022- Sloes on cotton,  Lichen

April  9th 2022 -Madder (if available) +1

May 14th 2022 -  Cutch  +1

June 11th 2022 - Weld +1

July 9th 2022 - Woad, Tansy

August 13th 2022 - Japanese indigo resist

September 10th 2022 - TBC


Please contact Kath Steggall to request a place stating which dates you would prefer. Also state if you wish to come with someone in particular, to share transport for example. Places are limited to a maximum of 3 (and me) for each session. +1 means we will do an additional dyestuff too, yet TBC.

£3 door money + £2 for dye funds.