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Sewing Bee

The Sewing Bee meet at Steeple Ashton on the first and third Monday each month from 10.30 to 3.30.   Extra sessions are also available on the 1st Monday of each month.   During these sessions members can either be involved with a programme, or bring along their own sewing project if they prefer. 


Whether you are new to sewing or have experience, this is a perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and to increase your sewing skills overall.  

Items produced by all of our groups can be included in our Summer and Christmas Sales which are held at Steeple Ashton.

Beginners Patchwork and Sewing Course. 


For further information on both the Sewing Bee and the Course please contact:

Beryl Francis

For general enquiries or to arrange a visit to our workshops please contact us here.

 Sewing Bee Programme 2024

10.30am - 3.30pm generally 1st and 3rd Monday each month.

15 January.     Dressing Gown/ Kimono.   All


05 February    Own Work 


19 February    Japanese Day with Yukina and Tresta

                        kimono tradition, sashimi, lunch tasters.


04 March        Pattern Weights  by Lesley. 


18 March        Own Work 


15 April           Peg Bag.  By Miriam             


20 May           Royal School Needlework talk by Karin


03 June          Sleeveless Jackets  All.    17 June Own Work


01 July            Item from Debbie Shaw book    All


15 July           As above 


No programme in August


02 September   Machine / Embroidery Labels    All


16 September   Own Work 


07 October       Making a back pack eg Debbie Shaw winter Collection 


21 October       Christmas Items. eg Winter Gnomes.   


04 Nov  Own Work.    


18 Nov Own Work.    

02 Dec Own Work  


Wednesday 11 December - Christmas Lunch

Sewing Bee Programme 2022
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