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Guild Programme
2023 - 2024

Our 2023 - 2024 Guild Day Programme can be found below which includes more information and contact details.  If booking a paid workshop please read our Workshop Cancellation Policy here.

October 23
The Dream of Loom Land By Daniel Harris Date 21st October 2023 Time 2pm. Cost The talk is

October 2023

The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members. 

Tickets for non-members £10

(There will be very limited availability for tickets to non-members as the talk is likely to be popular – please check before booking non-members).


Daniel of the London Cloth Co. is renowned throughout the world of weaving as a keen collector and restorer of old looms. In addition to being a staunch supporter of keeping the old ways alive, he also trains new weavers and travels far and wide helping to bring old looms back to life.


IN 2022 a rare opportunity presented itself to buy Elvet Woollen Mill in Wales, and Daniel has ambitious plans to develop and operate a commercial, sustainable and hands-on educational experience to those who want to understand and preserve the heritage of weaving.


Daniel is a brilliantly engaging speaker, who’s expertise is now taking him all over the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear him talk!




The London Cloth Company first came into being when Daniel rescued a rusting loom from an old barn in rural Wales, naively thinking all else he’d need would be a small hand bobbin winder. 


With absolutely no training or prior knowledge of weaving, Daniel quickly taught himself how to fully dismantle and reassemble machines which hadn’t been touched for 30 years! After 11 years and hundreds of looms later, Daniel has been able to buy his own mill and comes to guild to share his story and plans for the future.

Contact: Liz McCarron Heal at

January 24
‘Adding Value to Fleece - Bridging the Gap between Farm & Yarn.’ By Jen Hunter, Fernhill F

‘Adding Value to Fleece - Bridging the Gap between Farm & Yarn.’

By:  Jen Hunter, Fernhill Fibre.

Date: 20th January 2024

Time: 2pm

Cost: The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members. Tickets for non-members £10 (subject to availability – please check before booking non-members).


Dividing fleece by its various qualities enables us to find a use for all parts of the fleece and helps know what to consider for our chosen end use; be it yarn, felting, stuffing, mulching or much more!  The Fernhill Fibre philosophy encompasses ‘Products with Provenance’ andforms a holistic message to re-educate, recognise true potential and incorporate every aspect of this wonderful natural resource.


Jen will talk us through the gathering and throwing of fleece from the shearer onto the grading tables for sorting. This covers strength testing and grading to include; skirting, removal of damaged, and contaminated and felted fibres. Learn how to select a fleece for processing to spin, felt or otherwise, directly from a top quality fibre producer from our Southwest Fibreshed area. 




Jen Says – “Wool has been my passion and concern since 2009 when the devaluation of natural fibres and promotion of synthetics left behind an excellent base material suitable for many industries. As a 2014 Nuffield Farming Scholar I researched global wool industry trends, and we strive to reposition wool in society as a primary product rather than by-product from the sheep meat industry”. 

Attending shows and specialist wool events Fernhill Fibre’s educational ‘Wonder Of Wool’ display helps share the message that a multipurpose flock increases soil biodiversity, whilst naturally sequestering carbon. 

Fernhill host blade shearing tournaments and fibre events, as well as their own WOOL SCHOOL retreat. They also have on-line and pop-up shops selling a wide range of products from spinning fleece, yarns, felts, and finished ready to wear garments.

Contact: Anne Reddan at

February 24


Date: 17th February 2024

Time: Talk 11am 

Workshop 1-4pm

Cost: The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members non-members £10 (talk only) 

Workshop cost: £25 (members only)



Flaxland was set up in 2008 by Simon and Ann Cooper as a development from interests in traditional maritime wooden boats and farming. Having built a number of fabric covered crafts they sought a stronger fabric and alternative materials and so the concept of growing the fabric for their boats was born. 


With no flax industry remaining in the UK they had to revert to cottage industry methods of building and developing hand tools, harvesting and working crops by hand to process the raw fibres into linen. It’s this knowledge and skills they will share with us on what promises to be a fascinating day.



Simon and Ann will talk about the history and future of flax in the UK and its many uses.  How to sow, grow, harvest and ret flax and an overview of the process of fibre extraction.




Simon and Ann will give an introduction to spinning flax using a spinning wheel. This will include combing the fibres out and dressing the distaff. A lot of shorter fibres (tow) are left as part of the longer fibre extraction and Simon and Ann are keen to show how this can be used too. You do need to be able to spin to participate in this workshop but do not need a specialist wheel. 


To book a place on the workshop contact: Kathy Davis at

March 2024

Skills Day

Date: 16th March 2024

Time: Morning and afternoon sessions.


This day is dedicated to sharing our skills with others, and so several mini-workshops will be offered in morning and afternoon sessions, to do just that. The topics will be decided depending on members’ interests and skill sets. 

Further information to follow.


If you have any ideas, requests or you can offer a skill, please contact Kathy Davis to discuss. 


Contact: Kathy Davis at

April 2024

Talk: ‘From Fleece to Pleats’

By Paul Henry 

Date: 20th April 2024

Time: 2pm

Cost: The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members. Tickets for non-members £10 (subject to availability – please check before booking non-members).


Paul grew up in Northern Ireland, and his earliest memories include drawing and painting. His childhood dream included going to Art College, and it became a reality when he secured a place at one of the prestigious London Schools. Paul has been fortunate to work in many craft disciplines, gaining a good grounding in a variety of techniques and skills. Many of these skills are now applied in both his bookbinding and kiltmaking work - which strangely aren't very different; both needing carefully folded paper or cloth and patient sewing.


Talk ‘From Fleece to Pleats.’ 


Paul is an experienced and engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge about the production of kilts.  Paul will give a talk about the history and development of the kilt, as well as an in-depth description of the many stages involved in making this splendid garment.


Contact: Anne Reddan at

May 2024

Alison Daykin

Date: May 18th    2024

Time: Talk 11am ‘Design – Principles Made Easy.’ 

Workshop 1pm-4pm ‘Design for the Terrified.’

Cost: The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members. As the talk supports the workshop, it is not available to non-members.

Workshop cost: £18 members only.



Alison is a hand weaving textile designer and has painted and drawn all her life, with her art initially growing out of her design work.  Inspiration for Alison’s art and woven fabrics is taken from the local area, the Derbyshire Dales and the Peak District countryside and memories of trips to the Scottish Isles. Alison is an active member of Derbyshire and Leek and District guilds and has run workshops for many guilds and the AGWSDs, including the biennial summer school. Alison releases 'Inspired to Spin,' her second book, co-authored with Cath Snape, in September 2023.


Talk. ‘Design – The Principles Made Easy.’

Workshop: ‘Design for the Terrified’

This workshop will introduce simple ‘design’ techniques to those who would like to explore design to support their textile craft. No drawing or painting skills are required.

Participants will go through a series of tasks that will help in re-sizing their inspirational picture and look at colour, texture, shapes and stripes. All the tasks can the applied to any textile medium and will enable the participants to lift their textiles skills from the ordinary to the fabulous! 

Bring a sketch book, an inspirational picture and your own mark making materials eg.  pencils, watercolours, pastels etc. If you are you are prepared to share materials with others it will increase the resources available.

To book a place on the workshop contact Kathy Davis at

June 2024.jpg
June 2024

Fleece Sale 

Date: 15th June 2024

Time: Sale 10.30am-1pm Regular guild day ends 4pm.

The guild looks forward to hosting its annual fleece sale, where you get the chance to explore and buy from a varied choice of raw fleece on offer.


If you are one of our neighbouring guilds, please feel free to come and join us. A warm WGSWD welcome awaits you!


This date is a regular guild day, so please do still come along, even if you do not intend to buy fleece. Guild remains open until the normal end of day time for you to participate in your craft of choice.


If you have fleece to sell or are offered fleece to sell at the sale, please contact the organisers before agreeing to take it. 


Organisers: Janet Milner and Kathy Davis 

July 2024
July 2024.jpg

Marina Skua

Date: July 20th 2024

Time: 2pm

Cost: The talk is part of the programme, so is free to members. Tickets for non- members are £10 (subject to availability – please check before booking non-members).


Marina is a yarn dyer and hand-knit designer based in Wiltshire. She started dyeing wool yarn as a hobby in 2015 and was immediately obsessed. After a couple of years fitting her dyeing and knitting around full-time work in publishing, in 2017 she quit the day job to focus fully on her dyeing and hand-knit design business. With a strong sustainability and provenance ethos, Marina sources fibre locally from farms she has visited many times and has her mill produced yarn spun in UK mills. Marina is also a hand spinner.


Marina will join us for a relaxed talk giving an overview of what her work comprises, with a show and tell component. Marina will bring along items which she has designed/dyed/spun/woven and will give lots of time for questions about all elements of her work and design.


Contact: Kathy Davis at

Septembe 2024

Wild Spin in Public Day 

(and Subscription Renewal Day)

Date: 21st September 2024


Since 2009 the third weekend in September has become established as ‘Worldwide Spin in Public Day.’ Started by a group of likeminded people who wanted to spread the joy of this wonderful heritage craft, spinners all over the world set aside time to spin in public! 


This time we thought it would be huge fun for groups of us to take our spinning out on location to ‘wild’ places. With the wonders of Wi-Fi (or data allowance), we hope that members will be able to either communicate or at least share photos, videos or stories from their location or afterwards. If you don’t spin - no problem; just bring your craft and enjoy the day. Locations and arrangements to be decided nearer the time.


The day coincides with subscription renewal day. You can renew online or attend guild in person. Details TBC.

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