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What's On?


The Wiltshire Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild programme is an opportunity for all members to meet up and participate in a variety of workshops, talks and general get togethers.  

Our various groups meet up regularly throughout the week, details of these can be found here.

If you are interested in learning a new skill, you may find one of our courses would be the perfect introduction for you.  Details here.



Guild Programme 2023/2024

Guild Days are held on the third Saturday of the month and this is included in the Guild membership. Please note visitors are welcome to attend talks at a cost of £10.  If you are attending a workshop (Members only) you will be required to pay an additional fee.  View our programme here.   Please see our workshop cancellation policy here

Gardening Days

Our Guild Dye Garden contains a variety of natural dye plants which are used in our dye sessions.  This garden is maintained by our members on a regular basis.   Irrespective of garden experience please help us to maintain this garden for future use.


(We will again be part of the Steeple Ashton Open Gardens in 2024).

Gardening dates for 2024

10.30am - 3pm

Friday 16th February 

Saturday 30th March

Saturday 27 April

Friday 24th May


Beginners Patchwork and Sewing Course

We hold  basic beginners sewing and patchwork lessons taught in small groups. For more information and contact details please click here.

Spinning and Weaving Courses

Ever wanted to learn to spin or weave?  Our popular Spinning and Weaving courses are available for the complete beginner through to those who are more advanced in the craft.

Click here to find out more:  Spinning Course,  Weaving Course.

Beginners Knitting Course

For those who have never knitted before, why not try our beginners knitting course.  Full details can be found here.

Craft Groups


Our groups meet up throughout the week at the workshops in Steeple Ashton as set out below.  For further details and to view the Group programme click on the links below.

Spinning:  1st Saturday of each month. 

Sewing Bee: 1st and 3rd Monday each month.  To view programme for click here.


Handicrafts: 2nd Monday each month.  View programme here.


Weaving: Every Tuesday and Thursday of the month. Further details can be found here.


Creative Textiles: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month. Further details can be found here.


Patchwork: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month.  To view programme for click here.

Embroidery: 4th Monday of each month.  To view programme for click here.

Use Your yarn:  4th Saturday of the month.  For further information click here.

Dye sessions – one Saturday per month each month.  To view programme  click here.



Guild days – 3rd Saturday of the month.  To view programme click here




Craft Groups
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