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The Embroidery group usually meets on the 4th Monday of the month 10.30am - 3.30pm.  During these sessions members learn different aspects of embroidery as per the programme below. 

This is a perfect opportunity for members to try out different crafts and meet new people.  Beginners and experienced craft persons will be made most welcome.  


As with all of our groups, items produced by the members can be put in our Summer and Christmas Craft Sales. 


For further information about the Embroidery Group please contact:


Val Laverick at

For general enquiries or if you wish to visit the workshops please contact us here.

Embroidery  Programme 2023

23rd January              your own Project


27th February            Shading a leaf or flower


27th March                An Easter Project, bunny, Easter egg etc


24th April                   Beading onto Felt or fabric


22nd May                  Machine stitching into dissolvable material


26th June                  Summer Meadow picture


24th July                   Black Work


25th September     Cross Stitch Sample 


23rd October           Own work 


27th November   Christmas theme 

Embroidery Programme 2022
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