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The handicrafts group meet on the second Monday of each month.  During these sessions members learn different handicrafts including candle making, silver and ceramic jewellery, braiding, fabric printing and batik to name but a few.  

This is a perfect opportunity for members to try out different crafts and meet new people.  Beginners and experienced craft persons will be made most welcome.  Our most recent programme can be found below.


As with all of our groups, items produced by the members can be put in our Summer and Christmas Craft Sales. 


For further information about the Handicraft Group please contact:


Val Laverick at

For general enquiries or if you wish to visit the workshops please contact us here.

Handicrafts Programme 2022-2023


14th November       sugar craft   Christmas decorations 

28th November        catch up 


9th January     Your Own Work 

13th February  Hearts and anything Pink

13th March       Stencilling onto Fabric

10th April          Sliver clay Jewellery

8th May             Your own Work

12th June          Tassel making 

10th July            Flower Pounding

11th September Confetti Shading with fabric

9th October        Your Own Work

13th November   Christmas Gifts and Projects       

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