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Spinning Classes


Our popular Spinning classes are held at our workshops in Steeple Ashton.  We offer a one day spinning class for those wishing to try out spinning.  We also have days dedicated to teaching the more advanced spinning techniques, our next one being  Longdraw Woollen Spinning, details of which can be found below.


This is perfect for those who wish to try spinning.  Our instructors will guide you through the process teaching you the necessary techniques and skills to get you started.  Beginning with an understanding of the characteristics of wool, and how a spinning wheel works, you will then be instructed on how to hand card a fleece and to spin this prepared fleece on a spinning wheel.  You will finish this day with your first skein of hand spun yarn. 

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm.  The cost is £65 which includes all materials and use of equipment.  


November 2023 - Fully booked

3rd March 2024 - places available


Booking is essential.  For further information and to check availability please contact   Liz, Kathy, Victoria and Caroline by emailing







The day will cost £40, payable to the Wiltshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.  To book your space, please email Liz at

Timings and what to bring

The day runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. with a break for lunch.  All fibres will be provided.  Please bring your own spinning wheel, and 4 empty bobbins if you have them .  The woollen spinning technique is best suited to flyer led, scotch tension wheels (double drive wheels and irish tension, bobbin led wheels are more challenging).  You are welcome to use one of the guild’s spinning wheels for the day if you prefer.  If you have a set of hand cards, please bring these too, but you can also use the guild cards.  Please bring a packed lunch – we have kettles, a microwave and a fridge if you need.  Tea / coffee and biscuits are provided.


Spinning skill level

This is an intermediate class.  To get the most from this class, you will need to be able to spin a continuous thread on a spinning wheel.  You may have been spinning for some time but struggle with preparing and spinning shorter fibres, or spin all fibres using a similar technique and would like to vary the type of yarn that you produce.  There will be a maximum of 6 learners, and the day is adaptable for different skill levels. 

Tutor, booking and cost

Further information

There is a spectrum of spinning styles and techniques.  One extreme is Worsted spinning, and the other is Woollen spinning.    In practice most spinners use a technique somewhere between these two.  Pure worsted spinning uses long fibres, combed, and with every fibre in the same direction, only letting twist into the fibres when they are pulled out (drafted) and straight, moving fibres towards the wheel.  This produces a smooth, strong yarn with great stitch definition, drape and sheen. Pure woollen spinning uses short fibres, carded, with fibres going in every direction.  Twist is allowed in the fibres before they are drafted, and drafting happens in one long pull away from the wheel.  This gives a warm yarn that traps air, has a matte, fuzzy surface, and is light, stretchy and bouncy.  With the skill in your fingertips to spin both worsted and woollen, you can choose to spin any type of fibre and any style of yarn that you want.

This one day class teaches the woollen technique.  We will be looking in detail at fibre choice and the preparation of hand carded rolags.  The longdraw technique will then be taught and practiced, and we will spin samples of 3 ply yarns.  We will talk about finishing woollen spun yarns.  There will be many different wool fibres to try.

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